The Herd


Brought home May 2009

Rest in Peace my boy. 1992-11/27/2017
25 yr old un-papered bay Arabian gelding. The gentlest soul, will do anything, any time. 2011 was his first season of LDs. He was the King of my heart since May 20, 2009. All my love forever, I will see you on the other side ❤💔💔


Blazun Haatdesire, “Desire”: Blitzen of Pico x Parada Skylark

Brought home January 2011 .

RIP, 1997-June 2018

Momma mare! Bought as a 15 year old bred maiden mare in January 2011, 8 months pregnant in foal to DWA Express of GETC in Moab, Utah. Had Sheza @ 11 pm on 4/14/11. We had one memorable season of endurance together when she was 16, then inconsistent lameness meant that she enjoyed 5 years of pasture retirement here watching her daughter grow up before going ahead to more comfortable pastures in June 2018.


Sheza BlaznHaat Xpres, “Sheza”: DWA Express x Blazun Haatdesire

DOB: 04/14/11

Registered & Sweepstakes Arabian filly, born here at home from my mare Desire. Who knows what the future holds?!

January 2016, coming 5

Napoleon, Mini Horse Ruler of All since 2010 (? x ?) 


Kenny, Morgan/Welsh gelding, (? x ?)

Brought home November 2015

A totally hilarious and snarky little fellow who’s put me through the wringer but also become my favorite endurance partner to date!


Tango’s Pearl “Zella,” Welsh Cob X Arab Mare, Lascauex Tango x Dollar

Brought home December 2017

My favorite thing about this mare is her kindness. Also her epic zoomies under saddle, but, as we live more than ride, that kindness. Despite being the elder of a few in the herd, Z is at the bottom of the totem pole by daily appearances. She arrives last and eats last, still, she has a quiet confidence amid the fast bluster of the chestnuts. Kenny drives with intent, Sheza dances with opinions–and Zella will always share her lunchbox. Amid pinned red ears and flung bare feet I’ve also seen Sheza baby mouth at steel shod grey Z as recently as this year; that’s what I mean, Zella will let the flashy youngster make a bunch of unnecessary noise but isn’t mean about it when the kid comes back humble. Z loves ponies and minis like no other horse I’ve had, not just palling around with my own mini but eagerly going to socialize if she sees a small fry out in the world. She seems to hold no special regard for tall horses but then she spent most of her life in an eventing barn so leggy folks are old news.

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