Tools and Tack


Recommended products

Hoof Tools:

Bellota Classic Rasp

Heller Legend Rasp

14″ GE Racetrack Nippers


current Saddles:  

Solstice english 

Specialized Trailmaster 

Specialized International

Big Horn Trail saddle

*have also used SS Eurolite, Frank Baines AP English, Sensation English Trail treeless, various Abettas


Saddle Pads

Woolbacks, in all shapes and sizes

Coolback endurance pad

Skito pad w/ firm inserts

Specialized Fleece Saddle pad


Woolback cinches/girths

Christ dressage girth

mohair girths by Elicia

Neoprene waffle girth (Blaze likes it, shrug!)


Composite English stirrups

Easycare padded caged stirrups

Horsey Head Gear:

Distance Depot Beta Bridle/Breast collars/Y Martingale

Distance Depot custom bit hanger 

Yacht rope reins (8′ for short necked Arabs)


Myler full cheek snaffle

Myler 3 ring Combo bit

Herm Sprenger loose ring snaffle

Below the Knees:

Griffin’s Tack Splint boots

Renegade Hoof boots 


Misc Tack:

JMS Sheepskin saddle cover/stirrup tubes

Zilco Crupper

Snugpax Pommel packs

Tipperary Sportage helmet

Salamander Visor

Garmin 310XT Forerunner GPS

Irideon tights

Kerrits Ice-fil 

JustChaps half chaps

Ariat Terrain shoes

Asic running shoes

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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