Good Miles, Good Filly!

13 miles at the lake again today. This time from the Lakeland end, Sycamore hill, etc. Switched off between a steady medium trot and walk. Took us just under 3 hours. Blaze did well. He peed when he got back to the trailer but that was it, no extra stretching out. Didn’t drink water from the bucket and ate a couple of carrots. He really seems to be in “ok, done, take me home” mode when we finish training rides, no matter the pace. He gets home and is a happy camper. I guess I am technically still learning him since I have never ridden him this much, consistently, over mileage, before this year. Josh got the hot water going at the wash stall again which was nice since I got to scrub his couple dirty sweat marks off without worry. It was supposed to be sunny today but was totally gray and I didn’t want to chill him.
Now, for Sheza good little filly! This evening when we were walking momma D and Sheza back to the stall, Sheza was the best she has been yet. I barely had to give her hindquarter pressure and click and she was walking forward 10 or 12 steps at a time instead of her usual locked legs. I usually have to semi manhandle her to get her from here to there but t
his evening she really did it herself off a little halter pressure and clicking (and a couple encouraging hindquarter pressures). It was so gratifying! I haven’t been through this before so I don’t know exactly how much progress and how much stubbornness to expect but I say walking nicely after only her third outing is great! She’ll probably be a little shit again in the morning but it sure is nice to see encouraging signs like that!

“That’s right, I’m smart!”

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