Evening Walkabout with the Girls

Leading lessons have been going well and I have noticed Sheza sticking her head out the gate more and more often and looking curious about the outside world so I decided this warm, beautiful evening would be the perfect time for a first walkabout outside the paddock on halter and lead rope. First we made some circuits around the paddock with mom just trailing behind, loose. Then we practiced picking up all four hoofs which Sheza did great aside from a couple leg thrusts which are to be expected. I haltered mom as well and we headed out of the paddock. Sheza didn’t want to walk through the gateway so we reverted back to the pulling contest for a minute but she decided it wasn’t worth it and came through pretty quickly. Mom went straight to mowing the grass as fast as she could which left the filly to check things out. I led them onto the concrete and into the cross tie stalls just to let them check it out. Mom has always been suspicious of the concrete and I figured Sheza should get used to it at an early age. Momma D of course was more wary than the filly! Sheza stepped right onto it like it was nothing. Then we strolled around the yard and the filly had a little sniff stand off with the dogs while mom tried to push in and was running her lips all up and down the filly. It was funny, like she was trying to make herself feel better this was still her little filly despite these new developments. A nice polite walk back to the paddock, everyone stood nicely to be unhaltered. It was a great end to a nice day!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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