Rain finally Ending, Still Sick

It rained solidly all night and stopped around 7 this morning. Everything is SOGGY. Partly sunny now but supposed to get to sunny and 70-something tomorrow. My tack came Monday, its pretty sweet. The heart shaped silver conchos on the bridle are a lot bigger than I thought they would be but they will be cute on little Blaze. I will fit it and take Blaze out tomorrow, but maybe just around here. There is an outbreak of Equine Herpes that originated at a show in Utah and there are 10 confirmed cases in counties around us here in Ca already. I tend to take things like this with a grain of salt but with the mare and foal and everything–I just don’t want to risk my horses. Already cancelled plans to do a trail ride with a couple of people this weekend and think I’ll just ride out from here on the dirt roads for a little while. Better safe than sorry. Anyhow, I still can’t breath through my nose and am a green-snot monster but once again, hoping to be good to go tomorrow. A little warmth and sunshine will certainly help!
Oh the mare must have banged her eye on something this morning, when I went out to feed she looked ROUGH–left eye swollen almost shut, boogers in her eyes, runny nose, dread-locked mane…I was like goooodddd grief! I called my vet just because I have no idea how a horse with a cold (my first guess on what her deal was) affects a nursing foal, but she isn’t keen to travel between farms because of the equine herpes so she said keep an eye on her and call the vet later to update. I went out an hour later and the eye was already almost un-swollen and her nose wasn’t running anymore. I think she must have banged it and I came out right after because her lower eye lid was hugely swollen but was already almost normal after an hour. She ate all her grain and most of her hay, went out and rolled in the mud (lovely), and was trotting around with her tail flagged. So I’m thinking she is fine, just banged her eye and was looking a little the worse for wear this morning. She has lots of loose hair under her blanket, I thought she had fully shed out but there is lots more white hair to cover myself in, apparently.
Can’t wait to feel fine, have some good weather, and be out on the trail again!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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