Food For Thought…

I just randomly decided to add up the mileage Blaze and I have done in conditioning/LD endurance rides since I started keeping track on this blog in April. In 4 months we have gone 334.6 miles! I have no clue how that compares to other people doing what I’m doing but it sounds like a lot to me and I’m proud of us 🙂

7 thoughts on “Food For Thought…

  1. Thanks! I've decided not to do 50s on my gelding because he is so small and rough-riding but once I wean my filly off my mare I will be aiming towards 50s with the mare next season, she has completed 2 50s already and is a smoooooothhh ride.
    My next ride will be Mendocino Magic on the coast on August 20th. You?

  2. I absolutely love small horses, my brief interlude owning a 16 hand tank of a Foxtrotter was just that–brief. My guy really seems to love LDs but with his choppy trot and striving so hard to keep up with bigger horses–well I am going to keep him doing what he does comfortably and happily and treat my back to the smooth ride of 50 miles on my mare 🙂

  3. That is awesome! I just found your blog because I'm playing the game too (with those kind-of miles you'll beat me (I only have about 400 for the year so far)! You're not too far from me, I'd love to ride in your area (once it gets bit cooler). Have fun riding and with the super-cute filly. And at Mendo-Magic, that must be a gorgeous ride (a long drive though).

  4. Thanks for reading! I think the blogger race is such a cool idea. Great motivation and some fun for us all. Whereabouts are you? Yep its definitely warm here..I ride early or right before dark these days. Do my best to head to rides that are (hopefully!) cooler than here. That's why so looking forward to Mendo Magic–my hometown and some cooler temps! Especially after getting heat stroke the other weekend at Patriot's Day ride. I am checking out your blog now..

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