Happy Birthday Desire!

Happy 15th birthday to my beautiful momma mare, Blazun Haatdesire. I have only had the privilege to have her in my life since this past January when she arrived from Utah, 8 months pregnant. Now she is the big boss mare on the place with her gorgeous, ever naughty 4 month old filly Sheza Blaznhaat Xpres alongside. I can’t wait to get her out on the trails and hopefully get into some endurance rides with her next season!

Some photos of Desire, from arrival to now:

Welcome to your new home Desire!
February, 9 months pregnant

March, 10 months pregnant

April 13th, day before foaling

with Sheza, 1 day old

1 month old

With Sheza, 2 months old

sweet girls

Just the other day, Sheza @ 4 months!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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