Time Off Riding Blaze..

..is driving me crazy! I am trying to give him at least a week off, with daily back reassessment, since our incident with the saddle pad that exacerbated the issue caused by my ill-fitting former saddle. SO. I cancelled my plans for Patriots Day in Greenville this weekend, and have not ridden him since last Thursday. Which makes today only the fourth day. Blarrrgg. I can’t imagine how people deal with months long rehab for serious injuries. I could be riding Desire but I am waiting on the new barefoot trimmer to come check her out, trim her feet, and fit her Easyboot Gloves or at least determine whether the size I bought will work at all or not. I’ve only tried them on with a few weeks old, non barefoot trimmer trim. And she is wicked sensitive riding out on the gravel roads, thus I’m kind of stuck waiting. SO. I am not riding either of my horses at the moment and for the next few days at least–about ready to saddle up my mini horse…

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