Two Great Reads

I absolutely love reading and I’ve noticed that some of the other folks on horse blogs I follow enjoy reading as well. So I have to recommend two books I’ve just read that I really enjoyed. The first was given to me by my granny for my birthday this year and is called The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. I am not a previous fan of her work but I really enjoyed the vivid color of this book, in all senses of the word and phrase. The second book I just finished half an hour ago and am probably going to be mailing to my granny to read, as I think she’ll rip through it as fast as I did. A real page turner and eerie mystery. Its called The Thirteenth Tale and is by Diane Setterfield. From what I can tell its a first time effort by this author and a good one, in my opinion. I will need to reread this one in about six months to pick up on more of the finer nuances that I’m sure I missed tearing through it for purely for the next plot reveal. I found the book on one of my extremely random choosing sprees in Barnes & Noble a few months ago. I choose books by a sentence or two I read in the beginning, and usually by an author I haven’t read before. It usually works out well, I’ve only really disliked one or two of the books I chose in that manner.

 Anyhoo, check out The Lacuna and/or The Thirteenth Tale if you’re in need of a good read!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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