Rain Dance?!

After the last week of temperatures once again nearing the 100 mark, we suddenly have a cool cloudy day today and a forecast of 73 DEGREES AND 30% RAIN TOMORROW! What what! Maybe people are starting to think I am just a *tad* obsessed with the weather and weather forecast, but as a redhead I just don’t cope with the heat well and am always looking forward to comfortable days where things can get done, i.e. 80 degrees and lower. And fall is my absolute favorite time of year, with Christmas closely following! While I’m not ready for the full deluge, the winter onslaught, I wouldn’t mind 73 degrees and a little rain to take the edge off our serious summer dustiness. Its bizarre when the horses are getting thick coats–well Blaze and Sheza anyway, Desire doesn’t seem to be much of a winter coat grower–but when you brush them out you are still getting clouds of dust. Of course dust+water=mud sooo.. Nah, I really don’t mind fall and winter conditions, or spring of course. I’d rather be wearing muck boots scraping my muddy horse off than sweating just sitting still in the heat of summer. You can always add or remove layers for cooler weather comfort. You can only remove so much in summer before the place becomes a nudist colony and then guess what–you’ll still be too hot!
 My obsessive compulsive blanket shopping must go into swing again, I started it a few weeks ago when the first cool spell hit but hey, there’s even a little chance of rain coming so I really should be finding Desire and Sheza blankets, right?!

 Just realized this is my fourth post without a photo. My wordiness is overwhelming my drive for photography. Better take some new filly pictures tonight I guess!

5 thoughts on “Rain Dance?!

  1. Tomorrow is supposed to be high of 70!! I can't wait! I am getting two cords of pine today or tomorrow but I don't think I'll need a fire yet.

    Dixie is roaning out so she must be growing her winter coat. She isn't fully yak'd out yet thankfully.

  2. I just finished a ride, felt really humid! I'm the opposite of you, I love summer and hate fall, as it just gets darker and darker every day.

    But I'm also on a blanket quest and all the options are driving me crazy! Too many choices at too many prices, I'd like to hear your take on it.

  3. Funder–woohoooo! Firewood and winter coats make me happy, lol

    Irish Horse–It does feel humid today! After the cloud cover moved over this morning it turned out to be a pretty warm day actually. But tomorrow is the promise of delicious cool.
    I like to buy my blankets from Schneiders: http://www.sstack.com I have the midweight Dura-Tech Viking II turnout for my little gelding and its great. They're $76 now but I think I paid $60 for it a couple years ago..anyway either price isn't bad for a quality waterproof blanket that lasts, I think. He has worn it for two winters, rolls in it all the time, and its still in great shape, no tears, and has never come off of him from rolling etc. I re-waterproof it (just the camping type waterproofing spray) at the start of winter and it keeps him REALLY snug and dry. The water literally just beads and rolls off, its the most consistently waterproof blanket I've used. My other blanket, (not from Schneiders) that I used on Desire when she arrived last January didn't compare at all as far as keeping the horse snug and dry. I'll be ordering a Viking II for Desire for this winter, I think in purple hehehe. Never owned a purple blanket before but she DOES rock the Barbie Pink halter pretty well since she's so feminine LOL. My only real indecision on blankets at this point is the foal blanket, though I'm leaning towards the Stormshield Expandable Foal Turnout also at Schneiders. What blankets have you been looking at?

  4. I looked at that type, good to have a personal review. Was also looking at weatherbeeta orican, great reviews but more pricy. I'd like to get a sheet and a midweight, Major is a huge wimp about the rain. I see that a style like yours comes in orange, I'd love it, the barn owner would hate it…(evil laugh…)

  5. By all means, if the barn owner would hate it order it on up! 😉

    I kind of can't wait to see a big purple turnout blanket on my mare. Totally taking pictures. And a foal blanket is going to be really cute I think haha.

    My vote is for the Schneider blankets but let me know what you get, I'm interested to hear any alternatives if you get something else!

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