Desire Got a Bath

Desire got a bath alright, and boy did she need it. I haven’t owned a grey horse in a while and forgot the gradual change from white, to whitish, to yellowish, in their mane and tail color. Well clearly she was due for a scrubbing as this picture I posted shows:

Yesterday it was about 93 so I decided we could both cool down and she could use a real scrubbing. I used Cowboy Magic concentrated shampoo and the same kind of conditioner. Diluted it into a bucket, which as my foot got instantly soaked, I realized had a big crack in it. Whoops. Desire is so snorty about the hose, she looks at it like its a snake the entire bath but she puts up with being scrubbed and rinsed fine. I hope that eventually she will relax some about the horse but then her previous owner said she was always that way and a lot of her horses of this bloodline have been consistently scared of hoses. Well anyway, maybe with enough scrubbings she’ll get over it.

So here is the finished product, BAM she’s a model!

3 thoughts on “Desire Got a Bath

  1. Lol I like it too, she isn't the best at posing clearly but I get a good one once in a while. My horses are the king and queen of standing around half-assed with their ears back when I'm trying to take impressive horsey photos lol

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