El Bandito

A reader pointed out that while I have regaled the internet world with a few tales of “the mini” formerly known as Napoleon and now mostly titled El Bandito–but have never posted photos of him. True! So here are a few photos of our tiny pinto beast:

This is how he arrived!

2 thoughts on “El Bandito

  1. Lol! It does kind of look that way, doesn't it? We've had him almost a year now and up until I got the alfalfa last month El Bandito WAS the boss. Blaze would yield his mash and hay right over, I had to pull him out so he would get to it and not Bandito! But now with those luscious green slivers of alfalfa included in dinner Blaze has Bandito at bay at all times and I have to feed the mini far away so HE can eat. As the horse world turns!

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