Riding Desire

 Finally, finally, I am trail riding Desire. To be fair currently its “dirt road” riding, not technically trail, but its still great to be out covering some ground on her! She will have been here a year in January and this week have been my first tons-of-fun excursions riding her off the property without the filly. Yesterday morning we did about 5 miles to the top of the ridge and back and this morning we went nearly 8 miles on the other dirt road that runs just east of our property. Desire is such a BLAST to ride. She effortlessly travels faster than Blaze ever can–even in a hurry–and the few times I had a straightaway to let her really *trot* she was flying and wasn’t even at her biggest extension. Boy I bet she could really rip at a gallop! There are some fun car-free straightaways at the local Wildlife Area I might have to go try that out on.

I’m quite happy with her attitude so far. She has gotten spooked a couple of times but each time froze and looked around then continued when she was comfortable. The neighbor’s baby goats who run through the woods bbaaaaing when you go by (and always terrify Blaze) gave her pause as did a chainsawing project happening just off the road farther along but she reacted with a cool head and even her physical startles weren’t beyond reason or difficult to sit. I’m happy about this since she is much more alert and reactive to ride than Blaze and I had some concern what her attitude would be out on the trail, but she is really just a fun, forward, alert mare who seems quite happy to be going down the trail. She had no clue what direction home was a couple of times and we had to have a little talk over who knew the way better but with time I’m sure she’ll figure it out. The first half mile or so after leaving home she was very determinedly hugging the extreme left side of the road and looking west towards home and the yelling filly but her feet were still moving forward and I got her attention back with some effort.

All 4 Easyboot Gloves have stayed on for both our admittedly short rides. Even so I consider that a victory since her hooves are still transitioning and I’m basically clueless. I’ve noticed that her right hind kicks her right front consistently walking up hill, which is interesting and seems to be one sided and only at the walk. She trots nicely in the boots without interference or problem.

Chilly autumn morning rides are my favorite!

 Home grown Pumpkins

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