I’m Baaack!

Well my faithful doggie companion Georgia and I survived the holiday madness. More importantly, my sister gave birth to a healthy 9 lb baby boy on Wednesday night! It was great to be around and be able to meet and hold him while he was “fresh” since I missed out on it with her first son’s birth (away at school and such). We had a great Thanksgiving feast on Saturday afternoon with the whole gang, minus my husband who was here tending the animals and my brother and his family who live in southern California. Today was my mom’s birthday and we had a celebratory breakfast and present session this morning before I hit the road. It was a great little trip but the dog and I are glad to be home and I can’t wait til the husband gets home this evening too!

Hmmm I am exhausted and ready for bed and it isn’t even 7 pm yet..the couch looks quite inviting and no one is here to see or hear me snoring, so adios for now internet world!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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