A Really Nice Ride


Today we just rode out from home, ahead of the 60% predicted showers coming tonight and tomorrow. It is bright and sunny and COLD. 27 degrees this morning and pipes would definitely have frozen if we hadn’t left a hose cracked on overnight. I have plans to meet N at the lake Friday so I thought I would just cruise out from home today. It was a short ride, just 6.3 miles total, but it was really enjoyable. I headed out around 10:30 so that things had had a chance to warm up slightly, though I still wore a down vest, long sleeved shirt, and gloves. All the cars that passed and people I passed in their yards and even the slightly sketchy guy hitch-hiking on the road, were all merry and smiled and waved. I saw a house with a yard FULL of cars and teenagers in pajamas wandering around–family home for the holidays and all there waved and smiled. It was a really happy, peaceful ride, even with all the loose dogs. One dog that is usually fenced in ran loose on the road after us and actually coiled itself as if to spring at us, but I broke out the Scary Voice and it turned and ran back to its gate as fast as it could go. I really have a great Scary Voice and it causes almost every dog to turn tail. And when that doesn’t work I point the horse at that them and take a few steps, also quite effective.

 Creek Crossing

The weather today (and for the last few weeks, really) is my absolute favorite. Bright and crisp and clear, need a layer or two on but not too cold, just perfect in the sun. I would be 100% okay with this weather being our fall, spring, and summer. Heck, why not winter too. I know that we certainly need the rain and hope we get enough of it to fill the lake etc but boy, am I loving the crisp sunshiny days in the mean time!

Up the hill

Reached the top of the ridge

Heading home

Love that mane

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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