Horse & Friend Therapy

Had a great day out with a good friend that I haven’t seen in a while and came home, jumped on Blazey boy bareback and took a relaxing stroll through the neighborhood. Had my camera along to get some pictures of the skinny palomino but the neighbor across the street told me that the very day that I was there talking to the landowners the guy had come over and turned the palomino out into the giant pastures across the street with the 10 other horses that live where HE, the owner, lives. He has a small house by the barn and I know it’s not his land or horses, but he lives there and it’s taken him this long to let the poor sucker have some chance at grass? The pasture is giant but well grazed down by the horse, llama, and cow herds residing there. I saw the palomino far out on the hillside but couldn’t have gotten a picture without a telephoto lens. He was getting chased by one of the horses and kept out of the herd perimeter. Poor sucker. 
It was a beautiful evening. Screaming wind tonight, was blowing even the Bomber around the highway. I hope it dies down for some more miles at the lake tomorrow. 

Is he cute or what!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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