Superride Sunday

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and the agenda for my husband and I exactly reflects our excitement about that fact: he went fishing and I went riding! We both thought, “Hey, people who care about football will stay at home today!” thus making both riding and fishing more peaceful and enjoyable for us.

I got to do one of my favorite things today and that is to ride a horse for an actual purpose. I love any time in the saddle but riding from place to place with an actual agenda to accomplish intrigues me; for example I always wished I lived where I could ride my horse to school and back. That wasn’t to be but today I got to ride and get something done. We’ve been feeding and checking on chickens for the neighbor who’s goats we are boarding and my husband was going to drive over and feed them on his way out to the river but I had a brainwave and decided to ride Desire over instead. It’s the same route as I take to the Wildlife Area, and the house I had to go to is just over 2 miles farther up the dirt road from the Wildife Area turn off.

Heading out

The neighborhood cemetery–no, seriously!

It was a beautiful ride, blue skies and sunshine, and pretty peaceful. A few cars passed us and there was the usual endless dog barking as we passed some houses, but traffic was certainly down.

I took this from her back–ninja! 

See one ear going in each direction at the scary water crossing? hehe

I was able to trot the 2.2 mi dirt road stretch up to the house, which had a couple of steep little hills and had Desire puffing when we got to the gate. She couldn’t figure out what I was doing when I tied her off to a tree and went to feed the chickens, she was very antsy and trying to keep her eye on me at all times.

My ride, parked at the neighbor’s  
Chickens were happy to see me!

 “Srsly, what are you doing in there?”

I gave her a grazing break before we left the neighbor’s house but Desire was fired up to get going and kept snatching a bite, circling, snatching a bite, so off we went. We trotted back down the dirt road toward home, with the occasional quick stretch into canter when we reached a clear flat spot–she was really moving nicely!


Walking a downhill we saw a friendly guy taking his trash can to the end of his driveway, and he said hello and admired Desire, earnestly asking “Oh, is she a Mustang?” It was tooooo funny because Desire was being snorty about the trash can dragging noise and was at her tail-in-the-air, arch necked Arab best. Yup, that’s my ole Mustang. Hey, I give the guy points for being friendly. It’s a funny area, people are either waving, smiling, even wanting to chat when I ride by, or they just stare at me like I have 3 heads.

Heading home

I tried to take photos of the palomino again on the road home but he is always just out of camera range these days.

 Boot fit: I tried one of the gaiter rub solutions I found on the Easycare website. You’re supposed to take knee high nylon stockings and pull them on over the hoof and up like you’d pull a stocking on your own leg. Apply your Glove and fold the stocking down and tuck up under the gaiter, thereby eliminating rub risk AND keeping your gaiters from getting filled with horrendous stickers which happens to me pretty often here. I didn’t have knee high stockings but I did have some tights. Now of course just cutting tights meant that the cut top of each didn’t have elastic in it which resulted in some sagging down, but they didn’t actually come undone especially with the ends tucked up into the gaiter and it was freakin awesome to pull them off at the end of the ride and see clean, un-rubbed fetlocks and heels–not to mention clean hooves!

I tucked them in for the ride but pulled them up for the photo 
coz they looked so funny

The tights didn’t hold up to it and had little holes tearing in the hoof spots, but they were cheesy cheap tights so hopefully actual nylon stockings will hold up to more than one use. I only murdered one pair of tights today so she only had stockings on her front feet, as they had been the ones getting the worst of the rubbing. I did the slick n’ baby powder trick to her hind legs and here is what I noticed. The gaiter that was snug gave her a rub. The gaiter that was slightly looser (we’re talking 1/4″) didn’t rub.

 Saddle fit: I cut one of the long flat shims in half and put that under the saddle over the stirrups leathers, one half on each side, rather than one whole one per side as I had it the other day. The matching dry spots in the back were gone today and it was overall almost an even sweat mark, with only one small dry spot on one shoulder. I also collected her more today and had her work in The saddle journey continues.

 I finally had enough warm daylight left today to give Desire a much needed (warm) bath. I didn’t get crazy with the shampoo and conditioner but mostly just scrubbed and rinsed her down, though I did wash her mane. It was so yellow it driving me crazy.

 Shake it off!
All cleaned up and having some mash
 Me and my dorky chihuahua, Georgia, hanging out waiting 
for Desire to eat her mash

 Georgia grazing (literally)

After I put miss D away I decided to finally clean up my tack room. Well it’s outdoor so it’s not really a room, but you know what I mean. Since it’s outdoor it gets realllyyyy grungy and full of random crap and it had been a good 6 months since I last cleaned it. I got about three 5 gallon buckets worth of trash and junk out and hosed it down, ahh it looks so much better now.

Tidied up
You should have seen it before…ahh much better!

4 thoughts on “Superride Sunday

  1. Love her granny socks, I think you need to roll them down on top! She looks so nice and clean, the weather is amazing, a bath in February. My favorite photo though is when Desire is looking at you in the coop, that expression is priceless! Still waiting on that news of a new addition???

  2. Hehehe, the granny socks still make me laugh days later. Her expression in that chicken coop photo summed up her attitude entirely: WTH are you doing, WhereTH are we, let's GO. Guess she isn't used to being my car yet 😉

    Ah, the possible new addition. I went and looked at a green broke 6yr old Arab gelding and was considering taking him on 30 day trial but decided there were just too many unknowns, he was pretty green and didn't have much trail experience. My husband and I agreed it was better to look for something solidly under saddle, after my bad accident a few years ago I just want to be safe and have fun. So now new addition–for now!

  3. Btw in case you're wondering, the theory behind getting another horse is that Desire is my only hope for 50s and if anything happens to her (her skin is so sensitive I'm always worried about rubs/sores/Scratches etc from everything) my big endurance plans are pretty screwed. So if we find a good deal on a nice 5-8 yr old I can get going for 50s for the future as my two get older (they're both 15)..then as D and Blaze approach retirement and Sheza approaches going under saddle I'll still have a nice endurance horse in their prime. So, we'll see!

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