Joey & Desire Have the Same Grandpa!

Okay, it just shows how ignorant I am of bloodlines, and by ignorant I mean *mostly* not very interested in the whole bloodline thing. BUT since acquiring Desire, and then going through the whole Sweepstakes/registry process with Sheza, I have had my eyes opened a little by bloodline-saavy friends. Still, somehow I didn’t realize until Dian from Global pointed out last night that our new little Joey is a Haat horse! See his registered name is DF Touch of Mojo, because at time of naming, early on, my friend L (the breeder) thought her other little stallion Mojo had snuck in there and was the daddy. But when they went to register and did the DNA, Joey’s dad was in fact the intended stallion, their other stallion: barn name Maverick, registered name RS Haat Flash. Son of Pico Haat Shaat! Desire is daughter of Blitzen of Pico, who’s dad is Pico Haat Shaat–and therefor, they have the same darn grandpa! The Global folks LOVE Pico horses and were so excited that our new addition just so happens to be a Pico Haat horse, despite not having it in his name. He certainly has the luxurious forelock, mane, and tail that Desire, Sheza, and the Global Pico horses all exhibit! Of course this means that Joey’s Grandpa is Sheza’s great-Grandpa, so she might have to keep dreaming on him being her boyfriend šŸ˜‰

Joey’s dad, RS Haat Flash, turns 20 this year and still lives in all his glory at L’s. He is a BEAUTIFUL animal. I’ll have to get her to send me a photo of him to share on here.

Joey was in position in the shed this morning, ready for his warm beet pulp mash. He had eaten some hay but got 2 mashes yesterday and all the grass in the paddock to himself so I think he just can’t eat fast enough to get through it all, lol. He is really very cool, he just isn’t spooky and that characteristic never fails to warm my heart, especially in an Arab, especially after dealing with Desire and Sheza–hah! If I spend too much time around the ladies I start seeing creatures hiding in the shadows and behind all the stumps, maybe questioning my sanity a little–then I go hang with Blaze, and now Joey, and things just don’t seem to be so scary šŸ˜‰

Welcome to the family Joey–but you were already part of it! šŸ™‚

Luxurious Pico hair genes!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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