Cabin Fever

We’ve got it bad! It’s been raining almost non-stop since Monday, which is the most rain we’ve actually gotten for this entire very strange “winter.” We need it, could be worse, all that jazz. But still. I want to be riding right now sooo badly, instead I am inside for yet another day while my herd are all loafing it up in their nice dry stalls. They’re kinda like, “Hey, I’m dry, you’re delivering me quality viddles twice a day, what’s the problem?” I’m kinda like *TWITCH* another rainy day…I’m definitely going to the gym today so I burn some energy and don’t go totally cuckoo.

Joey’s blanket should be here today finally, then Blaze can have his back and they’ll all have waterproofs, so I can be mean and turn them out into the rain if I want muahahaha!

Yeah packing that gym bag now..

Leaving for Cuyama XP in 5 days!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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