Silvering & Readying

Finally tried some silvering shampoo on Desire this afternoon, this stuff was literally called Silverado Silver, it was very blue, and I got it from the local feed store. 
After, with a ladylike bite..mane and tail so much better, yellow spots gone, and her little ankles are so shiny white!

 Beavis and Butthead
(Bandito & Sheza)

Can I just tell you how magical it is to me that the little black and white punk pictured above is my bratty big filly’s BOSS?! He has her number and pushes her around easily with his little pinned ears and the odd head-tucked, heels-to-the-sky reminder. LOVE IT.

All packed, and I do mean ALL packed, for Cache Creek tomorrow. Truck and trailer are loaded with gear, just have to put the dogs, the horse, and ourselves in the rig and get outta dodge, hopefully early. Proud of myself for being fully ready the day before this time, since I was still cleaning coolers and organizing in the pouring rain on the Friday morning we left for Whiskeytown last month.

Looks to be a pretty warm one this weekend, 90ish forecast for tomorrow (my birthday!) and ride day, which is also our wedding anniversary. A celebratory, fun weekend with good friends and horses is in store!

Yeahhhh, a little to the left…

10 thoughts on “Silvering & Readying

  1. That shampoo is amazing, she looks great. I'll be volunteering at Cache Creek, hopefully see you there! (I'm the rig with the orange hubcaps, and you with the orange truck!)

  2. ALrighty, orange appreciaters unite! I'm sure you'll see me, look for the SILVER mare and the red head with forearm tattoos 🙂

    And thanks for volunteering!

  3. Yeah, it's good stuff! Especially for $9.99 after what I paid for Cowboy Magic stuff that does half the job!

    Not sure how I avoided trying silvering shampoo before now with the greys in my past (uuhhh, laziness I guess), but I'm sold on this stuff now!

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