Ranch Photos

I had photo fever this evening, and just in case readers thought I was only capable of posting horsey pictures, here are some other faces seen around the ranch:
Count Hector Goatula, 2 mo old Boer cross

He is a handsome fellow:

The Other Herd: Nan, Maizie, Count Hector, and SuperTurkeys Clark & Lex:

Joey wonders if it’s dinner time yet..

Hunky boy:

Ooops, some horsey pictures slipped in. I resurrected this fly mask yesterday during the tack room restoration. It was housing a giant, incredibly nasty looking spider. After flicking it onto the ground with a stick and power washing it, it was once again functional, and though purchased for a tiny 13 hand Quarter Pony 2 years ago, it fit Mr. Blaze passably well:

Paws the Mighty

Roses and my favorite oak tree in the backyard 

China cat investigates The Broom

Loving my Georgia:

Sweet Tady boy:

This year’s pumpkin starts. We also have the sister plant to a 1200 lber from last year (not ours)…we’ll see how big we can get one this year!

It was a beautiful evening on the ranch. I love warm evenings with a light breeze. My husband and I threw the ball for the persistent wiener dog, the big dogs wrestled, the cats stalked each other round and round, and Georgia browsed for unsavory things to eat. I do love my life!

2 thoughts on “Ranch Photos

  1. hector is so cute! Griffin had a goat friend when I first got him. They got along really well and often played together. I wouldn't mind having another one around, and have asked if I could board a goat friend for Grif. She laughs at me because she doesn't think I'm serious and then says NO WAY – she's not taking care of a goat. Maybe some day, l'll be lucky enough to have my own place 🙂

    I like Paws too….such a proud looking boy!

  2. Yes I feel very fortunate and grateful to have our beautiful place. I boarded my horse(s) out ever since I've owned one, until we moved to this area 4 years ago, and now we've owned our place for about 2 years. I am happy every day to see my horses from my living room window! I wish you the best in finding a dream spot of your own 🙂

    Paws is indeed a proud boy. My husband has had him since before I met him and Paws has made it through countless moves. A tough ole fellow!

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