Spook, Amble, Stop, Amble, Drink

That about sums up our 14 mile ride at the lake with N and Willow today. It was enjoyable and N and I just cruised along chatting (because really, what else can you do but Cruise on Blaze?). The trotting we did, I practiced “hovering” and 2 pt, and it really was MUCH better than trying to post his lofty trot. Some different muscles but I’ve been practicing it on Desire recently too so I should be able to get my hover on pretty well for Gold Country 30 miler in 2 weeks.
 I mailed our entry yesterday, it will be good to be at a ride on my little Blazer again. I think I’m going to skip doing a 50 with Desire for the month of July, give her plenty of time off, experiment with Renegades, and do some shorter rides working on ponying Sheza out since they rate well together–I do NOT want Blaze encouraging Sheza to develop a Zombie walk. Anyway, Blaze deserves a chance back at it and I don’t want to push my girl D, she is tough as nails but is 16 this year and there is no need to get greedy. 

Blaze perked up when Willow arrived, Oooooo a laaddyyyy!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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