Catching Up

Blaze and I joined C and her gelding Sonny at the local Wildlife Area for a mellow ride this morning. We hadn’t seen each other in ages–since Cache Creek in May, I think?–and it was great to take a relaxing ride and catch up. It was Sonny’s first ride back since a problem after a ride last month and today he was a champ, taking the lead for most of the ride (unheard of for him only a year ago), and walking long and low and loose.  He is an athletic guy who knows all the Go and is working on learning the Whoa (and relax). He is making great progress though and even popped right into his trailer to go home. Go Sonny!
Heading out
Year-round creek, sooo nice (but sucks for Boot retention)

Blaze threw me a true stiff buck on our first canter of the day, all the more impressive since we were headed uphill. I hadn’t cantered him since his crowhoppy gymkhana behavior last weekend and he reminded me of it! Little snot. Other than that we just cruised uneventfully, though a Glove did pop off his front hoof when trotting uphill after the deep water crossing. I’ll confess my taping job was pretty shoddy and the tape itself disappeared when the boot came off. Eh, whatevs.
Trail ends on the backside of Collins Lake:
Recruited a random passerby for a photo:
C and Sonny enjoying the day:
A nice ride on a nice day. After riding 3 different horses in the last 3 days I just might take a break tomorrow. My skin is reminding me that it’s had rather a lot of sun lately, while I haven’t gotten sunburned I’m getting my annoying friend the sun rash on my chest and hands after the ride today.

If you’re looking for me tomorrow, I’ll be kicked back in the shade with a good book.

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