Seasons Turning

Fall is coming. I can feel it in my bones. My first 10 years were spent in Maine, experiencing the grandeur of a true New England autumn, and it remains my favorite season. Today’s high was 88 degrees. I’m wearing a polar fleece tonight for the first time since spring! Another high in the 80s tomorrow. After 100+ 88 degrees feels like crisp fall air. I can’t wait šŸ™‚
A surprise lurking behind the planter bed:

80 lb Lax mix, Tady, is hidden behind a big melon!

This six-toed cat, Paws to you, has been with my husband since before I met him. He is a very talkative, opinionated sort.Ā 

Some dogs play with sticks. Our dog, Catahoula mix, Jay, collects firewood:

TheĀ pomegranatesĀ are starting to blush

One of our sunflowers, looking down on me

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