3 Weeks Left..

Just 3 weeks left until J and her steeds, Sedona and Chief, all make their AERC debut at the Chamberlain Creek LD! This has been in the works for a long time, arguably back to J, Chief, and my first trail outings together in 2008, when she showed me Lake Oroville and I showed her trotting for miles. I am really looking forward to the culmination of these efforts, as J has overcome some major obstacles in the last few years and in Sedona has finally found the perfect horse partner to carry her safely and happily down the trail.
Oh and did I mention they are ninjas? Talk about natural camo
Riding in the lake bed at Camp Far West..still very camo!

 J has owned, raised, and trained Chief since he was a few months old. He is a big ole dork, in the best way (and sometimes the worst). The Renegade hoof boots are working overtime sticking with this stumbly, obstinate fellow, who is also newly transitioning to barefoot performance. We haven’t lost a boot yet.. Chief is in better shape now than he has ever been in his life and sustained a few beautiful extended trots today. A solid guy with lots of potential.

 Yeehaww–J and her girl
Fun! Chief has a DYNAMITE smooth, slow canter

 It was hot today, I got home from riding just a sticky, sweaty, sunscreeny mess, an effect truly topped off by the insanely juicy, ripe plums and peaches I snagged at a fruit stand and then devoured on the drive home. I was putting my gear away and had to laugh at my boot shelf:

 Tomorrow I am up bright and early to be a judge at a trail trial! The ride is in a beautiful area and is donating some proceeds to Back In the Saddle Project , a worthy local group–I hope there is a big turnout!

Do you remember this guy, who arrived here in March of this year?

 He’s filled out a little!!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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