Patience and a Patient

Joey is turning out to be quite a good little bay patient! Initial hoof treating/wrapping took over an hour & lots of patience; today’s hoof re-wrapping lasted 10 minutes, which was comprised of 8 minutes of grooming & 2 minutes of re-wrapping. A few nervous dances, a new tried evasion method of throwing his hip at me instead of away –his hip met a pointy finger & he didn’t try it again–& he just stopped. Took to standing with his sore hoof cocked &perfectly accessible, didn’t move a muscle as I cleaned the area, re-wrapped his foot, fussed with the wrap, & even rubbed on his Precious right hind leg, since it was handy & he was relaxed. Good Boy. He certainly doesn’t mind the perks of 2 mashes a day (to deliver meds) either!

Also, he has gone from dead lame Thursday a.m. to almost totally sound today, and he even trotted off the short distance to Blaze’s fence line after getting cleaned up today (bit sore for that but nice to see spirit).

Desire’s back is solid again, no remaining ouchy spots. Over the week since the ride it was less sore each day and the remaining soreness was more and more down her left side, away from the spine, so left side skirt of the saddle/cantle pack area. Definitely won’t be carrying a heavy cantle pack again, so some redistribution of carry-on ride goodies will be figured out in the near future. Just have to try some of the options on hand and see what works best.

Blaze’s winter coat, the earliest of the herd,  is beyond ridiculous considering it’s still 90 degrees out. Today is warmer than the last few days, but also the first day of fall, so maybe some cooler temps will indeed take over and justify his coat.

Sheza is bigger and redder and more interested in everything than ever. She wants to get OUT and see the world. Time for some more ponying down the trail with momma Desire.

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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