She Never, He Always

I’ve had quite a week and fallen a little behind in blog posts. I rode at the lake with N and Willow on Thursday, another 16 miles in just about the same time as on Tuesday, a little longer (4:30). Desire FINALLY peed on the trail, after I spent a few miles whining about how she never does.

Willow puts her head in up to her eyeballs and blows bubbles! Not productive but hilarious

Beautiful fall tralls

The girls did well together, though by the last few miles they were both grabbing mouthfuls of grass like they’d come 100 miles and eaten last Tuesday.

We were smugly talking about our Renegade booting experience when Desire took a funky step and her right front boot was suddenly off and twisted around. Turns out the cable broke at the toe strap. I have all the replacement parts and they are used boots that I have since put a few hundred miles on, so I’m not too bothered. Still it was *too* funny that after weeks without a boot issue we start talking about how flawless they are and something promptly breaks!

Sheza demanded to come out when I put Desire away, so I left in the cross ties alone for a while, and watched her through the living room window. She was Not Amused. Btw she’s not rabidly foaming at the mouth here, just ate my apple core is all

In possibly unexpected news, Joey has a possibly uncertain future here with the herd. He is so stressed out by humans and doesn’t behave consistently or predictably. I’m often gone and non-horse person husband kindly takes care of all the horses, meaning he has to handle (and has already once saved) Joey. After a particularly hard session with the trainer on Thursday afternoon, we were discussing how intensely prey-driven Joey is, and his spectacularly amped up flight instinct. My husband happened into the conversation and mentioned that he was quite uncomfortable around Joey and worried about my handling him and getting hurt trying to get him under saddle. He has a fair point in all of the above. So I am working on figuring out a better situation for Joey, but in the meantime he is here and will continue to get as much work as I can give him.


Georgia cam, watching pony wrangling

Goat on my Heels

Joey at work

I have hopes for a great home for him with all the experienced trainers needed, everyone please cross your fingers it works out!

4 thoughts on “She Never, He Always

  1. I do the SAME things to my 2 year old that you did with Sheza here! Haha. He constantly wants to come in and be messed with in some form so I'll oblige him, brush him, toy with his feet a moment, then tie him while I go about my business elsewhere within sight of him. He gives me the same expression Sheza is exhibiting here, haha! Silly youngsters.

  2. That is some awesome mileage on Desire, she is rocking those boots too! I love the replaceable parts, I always have a complete set of “extras.”

    Too bad about Joey not fitting in to your family, but totally understandable. He is such a lovely mover, but that unpredictability seems hard to manage. I laughed when you originally talked about him being scared of the bunny-hopping human, but that kind-of ingrained fear will take some time. You have done a great job with him, I'm sure there is someone out there who wants a bit more of a challenge.

  3. I hate to say no when she volunteers to come out! LOL, she was def not amused to be left alone in the cross ties though. Good stuff for our youngsters

  4. Yep I am loving using the Woolback pad on Desire and getting some good mileage in with little to almost-no boot drama! Renny's rock!

    It IS hard to manage, especially when it's not just me that has to deal with it, but my kind, obliging husband as well. He doesn't know all the subtleties of horses and Joey is so sensitive and weird about space that I worry they could get into trouble together through a spacial misunderstanding when I'm not around.

    I am sooo hoping this potential home works out for him, cross your fingers!!

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