Orange You Glad It’s Fall

A beautiful cool morning on the trails with a good friend, a nice 10 mile meander, no hurry, no worries. The cable broke on a hind boot so we cruised the rest of the way with bare hinds for the first time. The trail was kind and we weren’t moving at any speed, it worked out fine. I’ve got 4 boots to repair now: 2 broken cables, 1 toe worn through, and one size 2 that the tongue fell out of. I bought them used and put a few hundred miles on them since, so apparently it’s time they all needed parts swapped out. Fair enough and thanks to KC I do have cables and parts to work with.

 Toting hind boots

 Notice anything odd about this tree? Eagle eye N did as I rode blithely plast it blabbering

 Desire was in *a mood* today. A hinky, spooky, balky, MARE mood! Oh and don’t forget space cadet–this morning she lost focus during the 10 seconds of trailer loading process, looked away at the last minute, followed her head, and walked right into the trailer door itself before I could stop her. Talk about unfocused forward momentum! She did the same with the solid metal caution poles out on the trail, glancing away in forward motion and almost crashing into it, though this time I steered her unfocused feet around it before too much impact. *le sigh* The grace of Arabians. Something interesting though, Miss Never-Rolls (and I do mean almost never rolls) dropped right to the ground in her pasture and had herself a good roll after her bath this afternoon. Makes me wonder if that back adjustment didn’t do her some real good!

Post ride clean-up

 Our giant pumpkin finally stopped growing. My husband really wants to move it, something perhaps best prepped for before the thing weighed 900 lbs. 🙂

Can we move this thing? Sheza can’t wait to find out

 My husband and with the pumpkin and the Sheza photo bomber

4 thoughts on “Orange You Glad It’s Fall

  1. Rose was in similar form last weekend, spooky at all things. I think it's the fall weather, they feel so good they just leave their brains on the sides of the trails somewhere.

  2. I am so jealous over your pumpkin, but in a good way! This year our pumpkins did not do squat, and last year our goal was a big dude like this one, and got one about 1/3 the size.

    Thanks for sharing your riding stories! Love them!

    Karen and Mustang Tripp

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