Lady Hooves and a Custom Bridle

My mom is over from the redwood coast for a visit and as usual I recruited her to take some horsey photos. Desire need a full trim and Sheza joined her for some patience training in the cross ties.

Girl butts

 She wanted to be scared of the cart but there was FOOD in it. WHAT, free choice FOOD in this annoying tie contraption?! She can hardly believe her luck

 Suited up for battle

 Left front, ready for a trim

 Left front, shedding out sole, finding those heels, cleaning some heel tags, about ready for a mustang roll

nipping away

 Who needs a hoof stand?! Oh wait, I do, this is really hard! haha

 Left front about done, right front untouched

 always watching

 4 hooves done, looks about right!

 Sheza-brat 🙂

 Napoleon/Bandito gets a GOOD workout while his ladies are gone, he gallops and squeals and protests until he’s wringing wet! 

 Have you hugged your turkey today?

Desire’s extra lightweight custom bridle from Distance Depot came yesterday, I look forward to trying it out! It’s basically just a strip of beta that will attach to the bit, put that on over her rope halter, with a loop at the poll that wraps around the halter for some security. I hope it will help both of us–she is sensitive behind her right ear, hates having it pulled through the brow band and sometimes slings her head quite hard away from it, putting my head in danger if I don’t move quickly. The bodywork gal I had out last week found Desire was out of adjustment on the right side poll and worked on it quite a bit but it seems to always be a bit of a sensitive spot for Desire so I hope this simple light bridle with no brow band will be more comfortable for her. For me, having the rope halter there under it will be nice for handling her when she’s feeling Haat!

Off for a Sunday constitutional around the neighborhood with my mom, I  think we’ll take Georgia dog and Sheza-filly–I’ll let you guess which one I’ll have my mom lead    😉

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