Dreaming of Autumn..and 50 milers..

After 2 weeks off from riding due to life and vet work needed and accomplished, Scrappy and I got 25 steady miles and a few hills in this week, riding 2 mornings with N and Willow. Scrappy never showed how bad his teeth really were before his dental–he isn’t bitted, was in good weight and eating well, etc–so there isn’t a ton of difference in him after the much needed teeth work, however he *must* be imminently more comfortable so that’s a win. He was peppy and ready on the first ride back, Monday, when it was hotter than sin, and slightly less enthused but still quite willing yesterday, when the temperatures were much friendlier.

“This is mah peppy face”       Actually his sleeping-while-waiting-for-AAA face…oops, keys retrieved.

I’m totally in love with Scrappy’s calm, quiet self but am still adjusting to it mentally, since even sweet little Blaze is prancey and spooky compared to Scrappy. What, you can’t get over your horse being quiet and reasonable? you query dubiously. Yeah, pretty much, I reply. If Desire were ever to stand, or move, as relaxed and steadily as Scrappy does when fresh, I would be concerned. If she were to adopt Scrappy’s “I’ve done 10 miles and need a nap and a bale of hay” act, I would be sure she was on her last legs. They are, of course, completely different horses, and I’d say my brain is about 70% there on just believing that Scrappy is a totally fine and very relaxed horse. The three LDs we’ve finished in the last few months with ridiculously low pulses and great grades show me that I’m not overriding him and managing him well, but my prancey dancey Arab brain still watches him ambling behind me at the very end of the unclipped reins and goes, “is he okay?!”

I’m okay, just energy efficient. And look at mah pretty head!

 Yesterday we meandered up Sycamore Hill and I snapped this picture of Scrappy chilling at the top. This is the first photo of him I’ve taken that I think he is starting to look muscled up.

N  and Willow signing the trail log 

We’re embracing the Long Slow Distance in a major way before this 50 miler coming up in 2 weeks, as I’ll probably only get 2 or 3 more rides in before it and have now only ridden twice since our back to back LDS end of August. Still I know that he and I are ready, so as long as bad luck stays away, see you at Chamberlain Creek 50 miler in 2 weeks!

P.s. this is my puppy Rip, saving Asian Pears from drowning. He really likes pears, okay.

P.P.S. Looks like fall in that photo above, doesn’t it? I’m off to the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show in my home county with my family this weekend. Happy Trails and Dreaming of Autumn….

One thought on “Dreaming of Autumn..and 50 milers..

  1. I love calm dispositions like that! Q has her moments, but overall is so calm about things. It makes me wonder why I even want to breed her to a full Arab in a few years and risk a prancy dancy baby. Haha. Scrap seems like such a solid little citizen. =)

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