Gorgeous weather and Horse Laughs

I hope this is legible enough for readers because it is hilarious! Now that I’ve got 2 mares and 3 geldings in my face every day, their attitude and gender differences are so clear and hilarious– and pretty darn accurate to the “diary” below! Fortunately Sheza is still hanging on the gelding side of things brain wise.

 Blaze can’t agree that baths or having his hair brushed qualify as favorite things!

Scrappy and I rode with N and Willow at the lake this week and the weather was divine. Chilly in the shade, perfect in the sun, no need to sweat like a beast or eat fistfuls of electrolytes. Ah, summer is over, indeed. Still, Scrappy worked up quite a sweat himself, cantering about in his winter coat, and I barely got away with cleaning him up with a warm bath in the cooling afternoon. 

Autumn trails ❤

 Scrappy is of the same school of thought as Blaze on the whole baths versus staying clean thing..

Rain has quieted the dust, the first fires have been built in the wood stove. For now, no heat or storms predicted, just gorgeous, cooling fall weather as we enter November. This is my favorite time of year, where just stepping outside and taking a deep breath of the crisp air makes me smile, grateful for all.

Sunset over Scrappy

 Rain drops on our last lingering summer rose

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous weather and Horse Laughs

  1. That pic of Scrappy..lol! My 2-year old bay tobiano is a muck magnet, why oh why did I spend 11 months praying for a coloured foal?
    Very jealous of all the fabulous trails you have access to.
    Best wishes

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