Oh, Hello, Winter!

Weather is always a relative discussion, so read the following with a grain of salt, or a bag for that matter–if the road is slippery it may be necessary after all! 
Suddenly, in the last few days, oft balmy northern California remembered what winter meant, and things have quickly gotten very cold.  Temperatures have dipped into the 20s the last couple of nights and there is a 90% chance of snow with 4-7 inches possible for tomorrow night and through to Saturday! That’s a pretty wild forecast as we very rarely get snow here at the house and have hardly even gotten any rain yet this year. We had our first water pipe burst this morning but by this point have all the supplies laid in and my husband had it  fixed and the water back online in no time. We’ll definitely have to keep a close eye on things if the snow actually comes as heavily as promised; I must confess I don’t have any desire to manage horses in the snow in the long term!

Little Kodiak testing the water–er? At least it isn’t a metal pole..

It’s that time of year! 
Ornaments from the time of my birth to a weenie dog ornament given to me by my mom last week. Great memories and it smells soooo good
Another lovely winter sunset

 Today between errands and meetings and dropping my husband’s truck at the shop, I got a load of shavings for the stalls. Lots of stall mucking and shavings fluffing ensued and now I have 5 stalls prepped and only 2 that need shavings. All 15 bags went into 3 of the stalls and that didn’t even cover the whole floors of the stalls. I am ridiculously spoiled to have 6 lovely large stalls so I can’t complain that it takes so damn much to fill and clean them, right? So, I won’t! I’m not..I swear. 😉

Barn prep  

Anyway the husband is off to work guiding duck hunting in the wee hours of the a.m. tomorrow, and can fill my truck with another load of shavings from Tractor Supply on his way home. In the morning I’ll make sure each stall has enough water buckets clean and prepped, and with the arrival of the rest of the shavings we’ll be ready for whatever sort of weather madness it thrown at us! I’m not sure if I’ll even put the horses away, besides miss fragile hothouse flower Desire and Sheza filly (in danger of slipping around madly in the snow), but it’s good to know the barn is prepped and ready if it get’s too nasty.

Stay warm and safe this weekend everyone, December and WINTER are here!

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