Hello from Rushcreek Aurora in Nebraska

RC Aurora is now 4 1/2 months old, is as tall as the RC colt 2 weeks older than her, and is looking GREAT! Can’t wait to get out to Nebraska in the spring and meet the extended family and pick her up 🙂
RC Aurora on the left, RC Ariel on the right. Ariel is a 1 1/2 months older 
Speaking of the RC colt 2 weeks older than her, he is the lovely boy pictured below trotting next to Aurora, meet Rushcreek Abe:

 He will turn grey, and is the last colt bred on the Rushcreek Ranch before it closed it’s doors. This lovely guy is available for $2,000 until April/May and then some boarding costs will be added if he stays at the Messick ranch. I am headed to Nebraska myself in late April/early May to pick up Aurora and can be talked into hauling Abe with us to a destination along the way! Please contact Brenda Messick of Messick Performance and Endurance Horses for more information on this lovely Rushcreek colt: messickquarterhorses@yahoo.com

RC Abe on the left striding out with RC Aurora

Left to right: Abe, Aurora, Ariel behind Aurora

 You can tell she had a hard time getting photos and had to keep backing away from the foals as they mobbed her. Sweet thangs!

2 thoughts on “Hello from Rushcreek Aurora in Nebraska

  1. I certainly don't know the full story but what I know is this: the Rushcreek Ranch is HUGE, and some/alot/all? of the cattle operations are still ongoing, but they closed the horse breeding ranch and dispersed the stock last year. Not sure if it's age/finances/etc..

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