Full Circle: Little Bay 6 yr old Arab Gelding, 2014 edition

I have a sharp, logical, inquisitive mind that often runs to over thinking and over analyzing. As I’ve grown up that part of me hasn’t died down at all, but a quiet strong belief in things working out, some things being “meant to be,” has also grown in me. There are many examples from my life I could present to illustrate this but by far the most interesting is horse-related, right?!

I posted yesterday about my little bay 6 yr old Arab project gelding, Joey, who I brought home in 2012 and delivered to his dream forever home in spring 2013. 

 Tomorrow, I go to pick up my latest little bay 6 yr old Arab project gelding, Rambo. His previous owner was a horse gal but non Arab person, and is imminently leaving the country, so Rambo and a few others futures’ were uncertain. Sonny, shown on the Featured Horse page here 2 days ago, has since found a home!  The other horse in the group is headed for a consignment barn down south so will hopefully find an appropriate owner there.

Rambo is 4-6 yrs old, 13.3-14.2 hands, supposedly green broke W/T/C, and my home will already be his third or fourth home at his young age. My goal is to spend some time with him and figure him out and find him that great forever home like Joey. There is that chance that his forever home is here, but that is to be determined. Regardless, I am resting easier knowing that this lovely little package of potential is coming home to a brighter future tomorrow.

I can’t remember ever bringing home a horse that has ridden in a straight load before I went to get them, which I believe is the case with Rambo, too. It’s always a good bonding moment to convince them to get into a tiny dark evil box right off the bat! 😉 The plus side to him having been passed around is that he *has* seen some of the world and done some trailering at least!

Today it’s finally raining, almost winter like, and I can’t much be bothered to get up off my couch.Tomorrow, another horse adventure begins! Oh yes, there will be photos and blogs to follow.

3 thoughts on “Full Circle: Little Bay 6 yr old Arab Gelding, 2014 edition

  1. Good luck!!!! I'm sure we will be in touch……I'm so with you on the “meant to be” thing. And sometimes some of the NOT “meant to be” things lead up to the meant to be. Like when I was looking at youngsters. My first reaction was NO….but by the time Merry Go far turned up, I was all primed and ready to take advantage. If seems like you really have a talent for finding the right horse, and if it isn't your right horse, finding the right home. Which is a skill I'm in awe of 🙂

  2. How great to give another cute bay a chance. You did great with Joey, I'm sure Rambo will be a fun adventure. I bet the little guy just wants a home, that's a lot of homes for a young guy.

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