Photo Ride

Ideal redhead riding weather
Sheza and Scrappy
 First time on trail together
Scrappy waiting for his turn at the hay bag which according to Sheza is in approximately..
The 3 yr old on the left isn’t too far off that 9 yr old booty on the right
 Nikki and Scrappy in fall riding attire
 Scrappy’s walk is more Sheza speed than Blaze’s!
 voices over the hill
 Eats, drinks, poops, & pees like a brontosaurus on trail–
momma D and I are proud! 
 Yes, admire me human

Oh, and Sheza has outgrown her first saddle! Laugh, sigh, headshake…I didn’t like riding that crotch reaming little saddle much anyway. My current arsenal of options remaining with the medium tree Thorowgood eliminated are: a wide tree Frank Baines, Specialized Trailmaster, treeless Sensation English..with my trail escort most likely riding the treeless anytime I go out on Sheza I’m thinking about fitting the Specialized to her. Because it’s not horse ownership if you aren’t faffing about with someone’s tack, yes?!

5 thoughts on “Photo Ride

  1. Horse ownership and saddle fitting: If you don't have at least one more saddle than you have horses, you're not doing it right, right? 😉 (I have one pony and two saddles.)

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