One of the great perks of attending religiously to this blog since 2011 is the ability to go back a day, week, or year, and get a glimpse of my perspective in that moment in time. As humans we’re fabulously fluctuating beings, emotions and thoughts and desires bounding here and there like so many agile jack rabbits daily. What we thought we knew for sure one year is often met with a wry laugh and head shake at our innocent youth when revisited; after accepting that it’s a fact, we must also remind ourselves not to self flagellate for not being born knowing it all. Anyway as a feisty, opinionated chestnut, I find all that particularly challenging and it seems to me that the best possible tools in this game of life and horses are the abilities to recognize an issue and then adapt, whatever form that takes. 
I began to ruminate on this because of blue skies and a sweater. My last post began by referencing the 20+ days of rain December gifted us with. Life was damp and muddy and people began to search for sunlight again. By the day after my post the sun had returned and it’s been that way since, with still not a hint of rain in the 10 day forecast. There are whispers of a few years ago when it rained all December and then didn’t again after January 1st– the sky is bright, the ground is dry. Attitudes are entirely different and it’s been 7 calendar days. Something worth considering, when we’re in a doldrums: the changeability of life from day to day, week to week, *and* the utter responsibility for our own happiness that lies with us all.
–Oh, the sweater part of that? Just this glorious handmade creation by my mother, gifted to me at Christmas and shown below. It features galloping Scrappy and Desire’s in appropriate shades and orange hearts at the cuffs, a nice shout out to my ole Orange rig.

 It’s entirely gorgeous and comfortable and ironic; I’ve been an epic over-heater since childhood and I used to tell my mom that she was crazy for wearing the “hot scratchy” (beautiful) sweaters that she made and rocked. I’m fairly sure that at some point we even laughed over the possibility of me ever wanting a sweater because they’re so warm and and and and…I love it. I totally overheated taking these photos but I love it and have really enjoyed it in the more seasonal temps the last few mornings.

Christmas treats!
The best present! truckloads of gravel and tractor time

the 3 yr old leading the grey 9 yr old…we grew us a lunker! 😉
Oh yeah & the grey 9 yr old thinks he’s a stud now & tries to herd his filly but she’s too fast
The reality check of holidays and family visited and the approaching turn of the page into a new year leaves me thoughtful I suppose.  I’m often surprised and delighted by the things that I enjoy when I open my mind to the possibility or adjust my attitude, and I like who I become when I make myself vulnerable, struggle with something, and overcome, whether in horses or the bigger picture. Whatever form your happiness takes or you think it takes, pursue it. You may fulfill just exactly what you thought you would, or find a surprising new path instead. I wish you all excitement and inspiration going into in the new year, pursued with open hearts.
don’t forget to love your elders! Rip gives Jay a Christmas greeting

p.s. Scrappy and I hit the trail tomorrow for the first time since GRS! Stay tuned

2 thoughts on “Ruminations

  1. I can't believe your Mom made that sweater!! It is just beautiful and a perfect fit- wow! I've also been excited to receive gravel as a Christmas gift before- my co-workers were scratching their heads over that one 🙂

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