The Bay Gelding Boost

The horses I am lucky enough to spend time around touch my life in many ways and I have found that often the ones who don’t “go to plan” teach me the most of all.
Back even before the story of Rambo , Lisa Smith entrusted me to bring home Sheza and Desire Haat Shaat relative “Joey” from her herd in early 2012. He needed some attention, TLC, & he really blossomed here, as well as challenging my trainer friend & I. His story is all on my blog, and closed it’s chapters of Joey’s time here with this 2013 post:…/joeys-new-home.html
His new owner, Norma, has kept in touch ever since & this spring’s update email just arrived today. She writes of him lovingly,
“He kisses his cats like [my mare] does too!!! He is very aware of everything and everyone who sets foot on his property. He is a true Arabian, as I know them. They are more aware than the other breeds or crosses that I’ve been luck enough to have!”
Then she asks how she should place him in her living will, as she cares greatly for her animal’s futures.
I’m sure any of you who have let a horse out of your possession know how my heart swells with gratitude to her for this great care of Joey. It is ever a risk to surrender control, and yet in horsemanship the best rewards often come when we do.
I pay intimate attention to signs and small moments in life and receiving this email today was like an ephemeral pat on the back, a nudge that my efforts are okay, and in the right direction. It seems an appropriate time to mention that another Little Bay Arab Gelding will be getting off the bus here next week at RHE. Some good folks have been kind enough to entrust me with Natsu to be known here as Apache) and I hope to help him bloom in whatever way we find best for his particular story. I currently have no grand predictions or detailed plans to share, except that I will do my best, learn something, and be better for it in the end.

Joey and Norma, 2013
Apache (Natsu)

3 thoughts on “The Bay Gelding Boost

  1. What a great story about Joey. .it is always hard to let them go and so many times they end up in bad places in spite of our efforts..looking forward to reading about Apache!

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