Potters Ravine A GoGo

I plinked out my last herd Riding Photo Roll just in time to take a whole bunch of pictures yesterday on a fabulous 19 mile training ride at Potter’s Ravine side Lake Oroville trails with Melinda and boot client/buddy Cindy.   If you’re like me and have dismissed the Potter Ravine side trails for years because of the paid parking thing–you’re missing out! Cindy kindly got our parking for us yesterday but seriously, after the awesome sustained trotting areas and ground we covered, I’d certainly say it’s worth $6 once in a while.

It’s a bay party


perky Sparky leads the way


such fun even the mare is grinning


some great long trotting stretches, shade, a breeze!


a bit higher up now


primitive horse camp I never knew about, trail access only–but there’s corrals, bbq pits, bathrooms, etc! 


dignified blogger portrait, still laughing over this one


are we there yet? almost


looking good around 18 miles


  Sparky moved and drank well, ate his carrot bites religiously, and was quite unphased back at the trailer. I’ve already had to remove some of the shimming from the Specialized to accommodate his growing muscles. He’s an interesting mover, feels a bit of a hot mess on his own, body parts in all directions feels like sometimes, but when gathered up and pointed straight it’s a nice ride.We’ve had about 5 good rides together and I look forward to his continuing progress. 11329765_860627019666_8182792751263114536_n

In the meantime, might as well send in an entry to Wild Wild West!

3 thoughts on “Potters Ravine A GoGo

  1. Yeah! So glad you and Spark ARE Having adventures. Funny what you say about his movement. He’s always been like that, even though he was started well, has a good base of professional dressage training. He’s just lazy I think, in that regard. Thanks for all of your work. Go WW!

  2. Sparky looks like a lot of fun, and is so handsome (not that I’m bay-gelding biased…). Looks like a good ride, what lovely trails! (for some reason all your since-the-move blogposts just showed up today in my feed, even though I have it linked, so I have catching up to do!)

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