Another One??

This weekend I brought home a horse.

It’s okay, don’t worry–you, me, my mom, and the guy down the street all just thought the same thing:

Another One?

For me, that question immediately flips open the personal Rolodex of Failures.  Or, erm, let’s say The Book of Learning. It’s a bit of novelette at this point.


Introduced to endurance as a barely-teen. College. Life. Non Arabs who simply didn’t want to go the distance. Human injury and recovery. An Arab who’s  happy with LDs. An Arab who wanted to go the distance but their body wasn’t sure it did. An Arab who didn’t want to go the distance and his body was undecided too.

And here we are. My last great notion, a proven 100 miler Rushcreek, leaves today to be a beloved light use trail horse, and I am happy for him.  I am happy and grateful to have the opportunity to have a little pool of Hopefuls. And I will be very happy if this all pans out, someday.

Morgan/Welsh Kenny tries some Rennys before coming home on Lease 






2 thoughts on “Another One??

  1. The Book of Learning has many chapters, your new addition (or edition of the book!) is very cute!
    And good luck to Scrappy, whose name certainly fits him.
    I’m looking forward to your tales of adventure.

  2. Sometimes we have to be like the old Bobo doll that gets punched down- but comes right back
    up…. You are to be commended for *always* taking your horses’ best interests to heart, regardless
    of the pain in your soul. Kenny looks like a fun guy! I’m with Irishhorse- looking forward to the
    trail tales!

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