I hope everyone had a smooth and safe holiday season and entrance into the New Year. I know that’s not the case, due to the nature of the human experience, but I still hope it. And to those near and far that are hurting, I wish you solace and peace.

new year morning, 2016


Being who I am, riding on or near the first of the year is always important, and this year was a first first indeed. To be sure, it was not the first time we started the new year with a relatively new equine face. But it was definitely the first time my husband, exhibiting an undeniable bond with new Morgan/Welsh gelding Kenny from the first day, joined me on a ride!

J and Kenny were technically babysitting me since I was riding a very fresh Sheza. Fortunately the footing was safe enough for me to warm her up–or should I say cool her down a little–in the arena before we left. She put on a pretty good bronc show on the line while Apache watched and drooled, but there were no shenanigans under saddle riding out from home! Just two green horses bumping off each other, urging the other to be braver, wandering drunkenly, trying to turn for home–highly amusing, and appropriate to their experience levels. J did great handling Kenny’s little challenges and taking the lead when Sheza baby brained out staring at culverts. We got to dive into the bushes as fast country traffic passed, and Sheza ate while Kenny peed. Pretty promising chromey pair here!


Kenny, Sheza, & I!

I’ve always been very independent and have long been glad that my husband and I have separate but equally strong passions, in horses and fishing. (I’ve also always secretly thought he should naturally want to ride because it could get him into sweet hidden fishing holes!) Anyway, finding ourselves suddenly seamlessly sharing the horses is a genuine reflection of the pretty intense journey we’ve been on since 2008, figuring out how to be good people who are good at marriage  (and good on me for bringing home a Non Arab, turns out!*) . We’re by no means done struggling or figuring, but it’s a good feeling.

*J loves our Arab herd but admits to being intimidated by their, well, Arabness

holiday hikes

I can’t claim any specific goals or resolutions in this new year except to strive, thrive, and provide a great home for my animals, hoof and boot services to those interested, be a stalwart adventurous friend to my own, and a strong fulfilled partner to my husband.

Wishing you all a stellar 2016!


2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. Well, you know how I brought in the new year ;). Glad yours was smoother. Hoping both our years are filled with ponies and happy supportive hubbies!

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