It’s been a rather long time since I felt like things on the horsey home front were not just maintaining, but progressing on all fronts. The 2.5 year Scrappy slog taught me a lot but felt like just that–an endless, unwinnable battle until the moment he merrily left with his new mom, a lovely retiree with light riding goals who has kept in touch, sending regular enthusiastic reports. Things have been really smoothing out since, with the seamless addition of now-Apache-BFF Kenny, a few new friends rolling up their sleeves and putting their enthusiasm behind my little herd (thank you W and Na!), and the ultimate recent decision to find Rushcreek Aurora a new home where she fits right in.

It’s a year ago this week that Scrappy and I hauled down to Eastern Mojave XP and had our last 50 together. I thought it was also my little Georgia dog’s last hurrah. What a different shape things take this week, this year. Georgia made a grand recovery from her mysterious clot-throwing illness and is fat and sassy as ever at 8 years old, and of course Scrappy has moved on to star in someone else’s show.

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks!


as promised, Georgia feeling good out with the Little fishing crew


Chiro checks for all and full dentals for 3..various stages of drugged ponies..


Trail time w/ W& Aqua, topped off by W hopping on Apache for his first “ride,” bareback in a halter

Nancy is learning about horse care/riding & will be training for her first LD aboard Blaze!

Briefly there was more cold rain, a little snow–and the beauty that surrounds weather

The sun returned so Apache, W, Kenny and I *went riding* 😀

  Apache’s first true trail ride, this horse lives for trail!

N continued her Blaze education, escorting Sheza & I on a first-time-booted bareback ride



Kenny is fitting up beautifully; Apache & Sheza model rope halter/sidepull work by Heather McCale of Knotty Pony

other happy moments…delicious sushi, winter roses, and February sunsets

And finally, with no photo evidence because I was alone and terribly brave, but only because he was…yesterday I jumped up on Apache myself, for the first time since he dumped me last summer. We were both nervous and startled each other a few times but this horse, you guys, this horse. He tries so hard, thinks so visibly, and wants to be good with all his trembling soul. There is perhaps no greater gift.



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