March at RHE

It seems to be an inevitable truth that every year of life flashes past faster than the last. Suddenly it’s late March 2016, the glorious time change has arrived, it is in fact even technically Spring! Where did it all go.

Well, here’s where some of it went:

Rushcreek Aurora headed to her new home and is reported to have settled in beautifully, buddying up right away to the dominant mare on site, clever girl.

Rushcreek Aurora at arrival, March 2014



RC Aurora before departure, March 2016


March 2016

Rc Aurora home with her new momma! ❤


Our German Shepherd pup Jazzy turned 1 year old (already?!)


our bathroom succumbed to a secret leak+epic rains of late


and our boat trailer snapped in transit..


…and we fixed both without incident. High five to helpful friends!

The sun returned, and ponies were grateful

I squeaked in a Kenny ride while sick, then got sicker

My doxies kept me company and I beat Strep Throat with Vetericyn. True Story


rain returned and my dog assistants rallied  to my aid

And finally, friends near and far have been struggling in various ways lately. I am intimately familiar with various forms of unhappiness and have been blessed with good friends who have helped me through some of those times. I encourage you all to be aware just how fast this life does flash by, and of the very real input/output of mental, emotional, and physical energy that is the human condition. It is my belief that we are all damaged kids with baggage, but it is absolutely our choice what good or ill we do as such.


Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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