Some of you may have noticed that my blog and profile no longer reflect Renegade Hoof Boot Dealer status. That is a choice that I have recently made when faced with news from Renegade that despite my years of enthusiastic and honest representation my recent use of a competitor’s product on Kenny, my wonky built pony that I’ve spent two years trying to dial in for endurance comfort, made me ineligible to work an Expo event as a Renegade Representative as previously arranged. It’s incredibly disappointing that seeking answers for the performance happiness of a challenging conformed horse and sharing my results honestly evoked such a response from a company that I have believed in for years. As a consumer, I find someone who has run the gamut of options and still strongly prefers one product over others to be most persuasive, however it seem that sentiment is unshared here.
Renegades are a valuable (and my preferred) tool in a barefooter’s arsenal, but my allegiance always lies first and foremost with my horses, and the truth. No one product will work for every single horse. May we always be so lucky as to have so many options out there available!

Please redirect any further Renegade inquiries to the company:

8 thoughts on “Redirect

  1. Dumb move by the company. I always recommend Renegades, since I’ve had success, but also always with the caveat to use what fits and works for your horse. I guess they think their boot should fit every horse, but that just isn’t the case. Well, they lost a good advocate in you!

  2. I hope you don’t mind, I have a question or request, that’s off topic of your post.

    I have very weak ankles. They feel like they’re going to snap off after 40 miles. I remember you writing about taping your ankles with K-Tape. Would you mind making a video of how you tape your ankles? I have a 75 miler coming up on May 6th. I would be very grateful if you could please post a video of you taping your ankles or you could email the video to me as well.

    Thanks so much!

  3. Gonna be honest, this leaves a VERY sour taste in my mouth that Renegade would put themselves before your own horses comfort and soundness. Like a VERY sour taste.

    I’m so sorry that they reacted so very poorly. I was quite interested to read about your trials with Kenny. And found it USEFUL.

    Shame on them.

  4. It’s their loss. They really did lose a great advocate for their product. I respect you even more because you put your horses first no matter what. I also lost a lot of respect for Renegade for their poor treatment of someone who was such a strong voice for their company. Anyone who makes a horse product and expects that it work for *every* single horse is delusional.

  5. I’m sorry but that’s ridiculous. Your decision to use what works for your personal animal (and especially as a last resort) should not affect your status as a Renegade dealer. That would be like Walmart firing me when I worked for them because I admitted I shop at Food Lion too… :-0

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