Sheza Training Update

I better use this spare minute to update on the filly’s progress–this week of celebration is going to get away from me I can tell. Its my 24th birthday Wednesday and our wedding anniversary Saturday. But, the filly! I have been working with her leading almost every day. Yesterday and today she led beautifully at first and then went into rebellion mode and fought me every step of the way. She tried throwing little rears but quickly found that was a no-no and tried just bracing her legs and refusing to budge. Luckily at this point I’m still stronger than her, or maybe not and she is just giving in, but as of now I am winning these brief tug of wars. I have a feeling that won’t last forever so I am really trying to be consistent and get her leading solidly before she is too big and strong! She picks up her hoofs pretty well and my farrier said he will start familiarizing her with the process when she is a couple of months old. Speaking of, I can’t believe she is a month old this week, too! A big week, indeed.
Now, for a couple of bumps and bruises–she seems to be a VERY itchy filly and has actually rubbed a patch of hair off her neck from itching with her hind hooves. She is also losing significant hair around her eyes and nose. At first I thought she was just shedding out, which I’m sure she partially is, but she seems unusually itchy and the bald patch on her neck certainly isn’t normal shedding. I have been cleaning her and putting Vetericyn on the seemingly irritated areas as of yesterday, 4/8, so we’ll see what, if anything happens. Certainly I am keeping a very close eye on it. I played with her a little earlier today and then just now the husband said she was “limping and tore herself up” so I rushed out there. She wasn’t limping at all and has three tiny scrapes on her fore leg where she bit the dust running full tilt around her paddock. I did the ole Vetericyn spray on it but am really not worried about it. The husband is touchingly concerned for her bumps and bruises she accumulates in her scrappy little filly life style.
Anyhow, working on leading (consistently!) and picking up hooves and watching her itchy spots is where I am at with Sheza at the moment. I plan to start mom back into work this week, or next if this one gets too hectic. Take momma D and Sheza down to the arena and lunge the mare with the filly loose, gradually working towards riding D again. I’m excited! And a little nervous. Its all new to me! But getting on a fresh horse isn’t…*sigh*
Happy birthday to me, happy 1 month to Sheza, and happy anniversary to the husband and I! 🙂

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