Happy Birthday to Meeeee & I Love My Horse!

Isn’t that a good ole fashioned selfish post title? I couldn’t resist! I’m 24 today..yes, I know, that’s still very young, but when reflecting on my life–wow, time flies and things change! I’ve been married for a year too! Oh, our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, May 12th, not Saturday. Somehow my math went like this: “well, my birthday is Wednesday the 11th, we got married the day after, that must mean our anniversary is Saturday” Hmmmm..I never was a star at math!
Anyhow, took Blaze out for a stretch of the ole legs today, just a approx. 4 mile walk out and back from home. He was using his very RARE speedwalk and god, it was divine! I so wish he walked out like that all the time! I wish my Garmin did mph simply, but it does it by time per mile, as in his normal slow walk is a 20 minute mile, and today for whatever reason he was walking a 16.5 minute mile. Neither of those are particularly fast but we must remember he is only 14 hands! That little fellow sure does work hard for me. What a wonderful wonderful score he was! I wish I knew his history or at least his birthday, but I don’t. The vets seem to agree he is around 14. I just dug into the photo archives and looks like I brought Blaze home June 18th, 2009. Going on 2 years of loving this fantastic little gelding of mine!

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