Sheza is 1 month old & Learning To Tie

Yes, my little girl is growing up quickly! Every day is so full of lawns to mow and maintenance and riding and! I do work with her in some way each and every day though and think she is right on track for age and knowledge. She is picking up her hooves consistently, working upward on time holding them up. Yesterday was her first time hard tying. Our pasture has been weed whacked so I could suddenly see very using tying trees with safe footing because we only have cross ties. I took mom and baby out for some 1 month old photos and then down into the pasture. I tied baby, first with just a wrap in case she really freaked. Josh stood nearby with the mare, who was eating as fast she could move her jaw, completely ignoring the baby. She sure is a piggy pig! I like it. But its pretty funny. Sheza tried backing and immediately yielded to the halter pressure. She tested it a few times but nothing dramatic happened. I tied her in a release knot and had Josh walk the mare a ways away, and the filly got more nervous. She started trotting back and forth in the little space on her rope, but every time she came to the end she yielded without hitting hard. She stopped after about two minutes and when she was standing quietly and licking the tree (lol) I untied her and headed back to the paddock. She got pretty frisky and was squirting forward in front of me and trying to trot on the lead rope so we had a few little circles. She tried to dash into the paddock in front of me and slipped and fell on her ass and jumped back up again just as quick. Another little walk and we entered the paddock nice and politely.
Momma D is definitely ready to get back into some light work. She still has QUITE the belly and is definitely a food guzzler. Time to get those muscles back into shape! First some lungings then into short rides in the arena with filly at liberty. Ooh, its always a new adventure with a foal!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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