More Miles from Home

I wish those times next to my under 10 mile rides were lower but the fact is there is about 25 minutes of walking on pavement on the way out and back. So really 50 minutes of the hr and 30 minutes is just walking for safety on pavement. The 40+ other minutes are trotting/cantering uphill. This evening I went out around 6:15 and I did about a quarter mile sprint at the top of the hill where the road is open and we can see everything safely, which was exhilarating. It was a nice evening ride with a cool breeze and not too many cars. We got back just before dark and I made Blaze a mash and fed everyone. Tomorrow I plan to ride the mare. Its supposed to be cooler which will be nice for. She and the baby get SO sweaty doing our little 15 minute sessions in the arena. I bought 12 bales of 3 grain forage mix hay today and the Bar Ale Distance feed I ordered after the last race was finally in. I guess I should use up all the other stuff I mix individually before I Start using the master mixed stuff but I am dying to try it and see if Blaze likes it as much as he did at the race. I will start gradually mixing it in, its just rice bran, beet pulp, all the stuff he is already getting so it shouldn’t be a big adjustment.
The husband just BBQ’ed the most divine rib eye steaks…must be time to sign off!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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