Momma Mare = Desire the saddle horse

Yep, its true, Momma D is well on her way to getting back to her old self, Desire the riding horse. I have to imagine that laying off work and becoming a mother w/ foal 100% of the time is a big adjustment! I certainly can’t imagine doing it. But I guess she has the instincts that all kicked in just right for her to be a good mom and now, back under saddle! I fitted the blue/wine bridle on her with a D ring snaffle and it looks very nice on her of course. I had to use my big girth I had for Tango, the 16 hand Foxtrotter, on her, haha! 14.3 hand Arab uses the same as a 16 hand tank Foxtrotter..well not for long I’m sure, we’ll find her girlish figure again. Anyhow I lunged her and filly was much quicker to figure out that she could just eat grass and relax and watch mom run around in circles instead of galloping around herself at mach 10. I used the mounting block and got on Desire very slowly and she pretty much gave me the yawn, whatever, reaction to being mounted. She is SUPER responsive on leg and voice which is pretty nice. I mostly just walked and changed directions a bunch and the filly went completely nutty and was galloping around, zooming in front of us, bucking and kicking at mom, while Blaze and the mini ran around their pastures and bucked and kicked. It was all very exciting for the herd, it seemed! They really got amped up once I was riding her. I tried a slow jog because she was a little distracted and I didn’t want to push my luck, but it was a very smooth jog and easy to sit. Very nice! Looking forward to trying a proper trot but we aren’t there yet. She is so very out of shape, she has no belly muscles right now and I could definitely feel it in her carriage. She did great though! She tried trotting off when the filly zoomed by a few times but was quickly and easily corrected. I wanted to take a photo of her with the bridle and my endurance saddle on but I didn’t want to leave Sheza tied unattended so I will bring my camera out with me first thing next time and capture all the excitement. Man, I’m relieved the first re-ride is over! I’ll still be a little nervous getting on the next time but after that I’ll be fine and I can’t wait to be hitting the trails with Desire some day soon!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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