Almost Free Again?

Well it seems that the EHV-1/EHM is getting under control and quarantined here in California. I am still a little nervous to haul out even though its probably fine..I just love my herd so much I hate to risk it. Of course then there’s the neighbor horses who are constantly loose, running the county roads, touching noses with my horses over the fence..not that I think they have the virus but seriously, its frustrating. They get out SO often and its a miracle they haven’t been hit by cars yet. Anyhow I may be hitting the trails at the lake again soon. Of course today its raining. Monday it rained. Yesterday was beautiful, cool, and sunny and I took Desire for another spin in the arena with Sheza loose with us. Sheza has definitely figured out that she can hang out and graze while mom trots around in circles (being lunged) but as soon as I get on Desire the filly and Blaze both get completely wild and gallop around. The filly cuts in front of us and bucks and kicks at the mare and Blaze gallops mad circles around his paddock. I’m not sure why its so disturbing to them when I ride Desire! Maybe the filly objects to her milk-bar being something else. As for Blaze he is in love with any and all mares so he is probably just objecting to “his” mare being too far away. I tried a little bigger trot on Desire and even one circuit around the arena in each direction at the canter. She really feels like a big fat out of shape mare under me! My panel saddle isn’t fitting her very well at the moment because she is so round but I know that will change as she sheds the lbs. I’m definitely planning on asking for a treeless saddle for Christmas, I love my deep comfy Ameri-Flex but it is SO heavy. Anyhow Desire at the trot is pretty funny, she doesn’t seem to have any stomach muscles to speak of and sort of jogs along with her belly stuck out and her nose in the air. We definitely have a ways to go but she is a pretty willing girl and a cool customer being under saddle again after 6 months off and with the nutty baby and Blaze always having a shit fit when I ride her.
Well, twiddling my thumbs today in the rain. I’m currently reading yet another Philippa Gregory novel, I’m such a sucker for historical fiction. Back to it!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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