We’re Home!

An endurance ride, first beach ride, week, and 500 miles later Georgia, Blaze, and I are home! It was a great trip made better by getting to camp and ride the endurance ride with old friends, a great FREE boarding spot for Blaze..oh yeah and a new saddle! The Free n’ Easy from E came home with me and is now hanging on the main “boss” saddle rack. Its so much lighter than my other saddle! And such a relief that I can continue our conditioning and finish the ride season without any further damage to Blaze’s back (he got a small rub spot on each side of his back from the other saddle).

The timing was also good as I was around to help my mom all week after she took a spill in a dusting hole in the chicken yard and had to be on crutches. As of yesterday she said she was off the crutches but she is such a go-getter, I hope she doesn’t get too buck wild before she goes to see her foot doctor again Monday. I don’t think I mentioned that on Tuesday night on my way home from riding at the beach my right rear horse trailer tire exploded! I have honestly never had a flat tire even on a car, let alone had a tire explode on the trailer while hauling my horse!! Luckily it happened a couple of hundred yards from my parent’s driveway so I pulled over and ran in a blind panic to find my step-dad (did I mention this had never happened to me before, LOL). He has seen it all and wasn’t very worried, just told me to limp into the yard and back the trailer in front of the shop so it could be repaired. Fortunately my backing skills were feeling up to par and I cranked it right in there the first try, then pulled Blaze out of the trailer and jumped on him bareback and rode him over to his boarding spot next door. I got a new tire and had it mounted on the wheel the next day for $120 (seemed cheap, last time we put tires on our car it was $700 for 4!) then my brother helped me put it back on the trailer that night. It would have been really unfortunate if that all had happened while out on the highway though not the end of the world since my brother was all ready to jump in his truck and come rescue me before he realized it had happened right next to our parent’s house. Its nice to have men with every conceivable tool and skill set around, I have to send my husband off for training on that 😉 My step-dad and brother are loggers and truck drivers so that all falls into their area of expertise.

Anyhoo we are home to the hot hot heat of August in the valley. I cannot WAIT until fall. My favorite season and such a relief after sweltering for 3 or 4 months. My Sheza filly is bigger than ever, she can barely reach down to nurse and I swear is not much shorter than her mom already!! Please don’t turn into a 16 hander, filly!

Thoughts? Questions? Go!

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